Residential Locksmith

Here at Locksmith Rochester, we pride ourselves on the many hours spent to insure we have the knowledge and hands on experience to take on any residential job you may need. You can know as our honored customers that your satisfaction comes first and we are committed to keeping it that way. Our Rochester locksmiths are hands-on and progressive when it comes to knowledge. We have experience with any and all of the residential locksmith products and services. We guarantee you won’t find better prices for residential services anywhere in the Rochester, NY area.

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We are the most accessible locksmith is Rochester NY. Should your child accidentally lock you out of the house when you stepped outside to get the morning paper, don’t panic, just call. We will get to you immediately. We are here for you in Rochester, NY 24/7 for your residential needs. Did a rental unit just become vacant and you want to change out the locks? Just call. Do you need to have a safe installed? We will be there to set it up for you. Would you like to be able to talk to dad out in the shop while you’re in the house cooking dinner? Locksmith Rochester will be there to set up an intercom system for you. No job is too small or trivial to us here.

Here is a list of some of the services we offer our residential customers:

Call us today at Locksmith Rochester for a free quote and let us help you get those projects started. You will be impressed with the prices we offer. Don’t forget we are here 24/7 so call us for those emergencies, too.

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